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【All you can eat and enjoy all you can eat without worrying price】 120 minutes All you can drink and all 130 kinds of all you can eat course 3980 yen

【All you can eat and enjoy all you can eat without worrying price】 120 minutes All you can drink and all 130 kinds of all you can eat course 3980 yen

By using a coupon3980 yen

  • 130items
  • 4persons
All-you-can-drink available

The party time is 120 minutes.The order stop is 90 minutes after the start.

Reservation deadline
Coming to the store until the day 0 of the desired date
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

* Group guests are also ready to prepare cuisine in advance.All-you-can-eat ordering buffet! All you can eat, you can drink as much as you like 3980 yen ☆ Chinese national special class cooks deliver authentic Chinese cuisine such as taste, ready-to-order etc to everyone.As much as you like, you can eat as you like.

Course menu

※ Friday and Saturday in December you may not be able to reserve a reservation for this course, so please contact us by phone.

Course content (72 items in total)

[Fried chillies / fried foods]

◇ Edamame ◇ Kimchi ◇ Saishi ◇ Jellyfish ◇ Baked dumplings ◇ fried dumplings ◇ agar salad ◇ radish salad ◇ Taiwanese style cold

◇ Potatoes shredded ◇ Treatment of senmai ◇ Purple spicy cucumber ◇ Bang bangie ◇ Shrimp cracker

◇ Fried chicken ◇ Spring roll ◇ Potato fly ◇ Fried eggplant ◇ Crispy fried garlic ◇ Shrimp dumpling

◇ squid dumplings ◇ chicken fried chicken ◇ chicken fried chicken sauce flavor sauce

【Fried food】

◇ stir-fry ◇ spicy spicy bean sprouts ◇ stir-fried egg chilli sauce ◇ stir-fried chili sauce

◇ stir fried shrimp mayonnaise ◇ stir - fried shrimp ◇ Mabo tofu ◇ Mai 春 春 雨 ◇ stir - fried tomato and egg

◇ stir-fried potatoes ◇ stir-fried vegetables in the season ◇ stir-fry chicken and cashew nut ◇ stir-fried chicken with mustard

◇ Sweet vinegar ◇ Garlic fried and fried chicken ◇ Chinja Loose ◇ Lebanilla stir-fry ◇ Cuddly and stir-fried pork

◇ stir-fried kimuchi and pork ◇ saucepan meat ◇ stir-fried beef ◇ beef fried black pepper ◇ stir-fried beef sauce

【Soup, dim sum, meal】

◇ Shark's fin soup ◇ Egg vegetable soup ◇ Tomato and egg soup ◇ Sunratan

◇ Shrimp and steamed dumplings ◇ Steamed gyoza with shrimp and corn ◇ Steamed dumplings with shrimp and shrimp

◇ Shrimp Shrimp ◇ Crab Shumai ◇ Shark's fin dumplings ◇ Peach Manju ◇ Goko-yakisoba

◇ Goko Gokosenoba ◇ Fifth fried rice fried ◇ Garlic fried rice ◇ Kimchi fried rice

◇ Dragon fried rice ◇ Shrimp fried rice ◇ Tianjin rice ◇ Mai Girl ◇ Mai Girl Tianjin Rice ◇ Chinese Rice ◇ Sichuan Rice

◇ Special crab · Shark's fin with sauce fried rice fried ◇ Rice (medium)

※ The contents may be changed without notice depending on the season and purchase situation.


※ For improving the service, we may refuse weekends · holidays before celebrations · crowded.※ Confirm at the time of reservation.

※ The banquet time is 120 minutes.Order stop will be after 90 minutes from the start.For drinks orders will be replaced with "glasses" and "bottles", and it will be a drinking system.

※ We will prohibit drinking at a breath, a serious act of other customers' troubles and cleanups.

※ Although I am selfish, please understand beforehand that it may be canceled at our discretion, such as when deviating significantly in the all-you-can-eat manners.

All-you-can-drink menu

· Asahi Super Dry Bottled Beer (Kirin Brewery available)
- Shaoxing rice wine
· Shark's sake made from garbage (rock · straight, hot heat · water split · hot water split)
· Sour 10 species
· Lemon / green apple / giant peak / cassis / peach / yuzu / plum / apricot / lychee / grapefruit / highball
· 11 cocktails
· Oolong Hi / Gin Tonic / Screwdriver / Moscommeureur / Cassis Soda / Cassis Oolong / Cassis Orange / Cassis Wine / Blue Soda / Dragon Blue
· Wheat shochu · potato shochu (rock · straight · water split · hot water split)
Wine fruit wine
· White / red · plum wine / apricot sake (rock · straight)
·Soft drink
· Oolong tea / Orange juice / Coca cola / Hot Jasmine tea

2018/10/12 update